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Easy Home Video Security Options

Lot’s of people have asked about video cameras for their homes. Until recently, setting up a home camera system was a pain; involving running wires through your house to the desired camera locations, and configuring a device to monitor and recorded the video. Not to mention how difficult it can be to get the footage out of the device when needed.Now, several companies offer completely wireless options with cloud recording.

You can find the Ring Video Doorbell at www.ring.com.

You can find Blink’s cameras here: www.blinkforhome.com

Nest Dropcam can be found on their site: https://nest.com/camera/meet-nest-cam/

For more info on Arlo, check here: www.arlo.com

They also offer an outdoor camera, the Canary Flex.

Check them out at www.canary.is

In conclusion, these are just a few of the dozens of security camera options out there. This really is a burgeoning market, and I’m sure we will see many more exciting offerings from these companies and new ones in the near future. Setting up a home security camera system has never been easier, so you don’t have any excuse not to go for it. If you need help deciding on a system, or setting one up, feel free to contact me.


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